Kyle Borden and our famed Petition FAQ
by z3r0 on 21 Mar 2006
Due to the never ending questions we get daily in the forums and via email about this so called petition. We have decided to put together a quick FAQ and response to the petition author Kyle Borden and his delusions.. Please take what you hear from Mr Borden with a grain of salt. We think he is queer for us, or some kind of lame internet stalker. Either way he appears to be obsessed with us. We pulled these quotes straight from his latest forum crusade and his previous ones.

"I am Kyle Borden, a website admin who had a bad encounter with this group of children."

Actually he is a raged TS owner nothing more. This claim of "admin" is nothing more than a way to sound legit. BTW.. Kyle last time we checked most of us were much older than you.... so you can drop the "kid" nonsense.

"I started the below petition quite a while ago, and have amassed quite the number of signatures:"

ROFL... Most of them are ours you moron.

"They insist they have justification, but they most certainly do not."

Oh but we do.. Its called freedom of speech.

"Recently I have had one of their members prosecuted for his part in the defacement of my website."

Your website never was defaced by us. Further more please provide the name and nick of this so called member that your all powerful 15 yeard old dumb ass had prosecuted.

"I have further acquired copies of the tools they have programmed themselves and have turned them over to the authorities, who can determine which devices compiled the programs and possibly make a case against whoever it was who coded the tool."

No you have not. What are you fucking Matlock? Kyle you REALLY need a vacation. Ask mom and dad to take you to Disney World already.

"In the past, I have also gotten their old domain name (ending in .com) permanetntly suspended from Internet use. My efforts are paying off gloriously."

Ok.. thats another bold faced lie. The domain name thing was bad judgement on our part. I believe we explained the incident quite clearly several times in the forums. Ohhh and dickhead.. its not "permanently" suspended you twat. You REALLY need to take that trip mentioned above. Kyle, if your "efforts" are paying off so well, then why after almost 2 years are we STILL fucking here?

"If you want to be of more help, sign the petition, and voice your outrage against this group. Surely with enough support they will all fall to justice."

Sure we will.. right after they catch Osama you can bet we are gonna be Public Enemy # 1. What moronic world do you think we all live in? Is it the world where police should waste their time cause your fucking video game clan site and or Teamspeak got raged? I hope not. I am sure the victims of rape,murder,burglary,etc would be very distressed to know their cases were regulated to the back of line cause Kyle Borden lost the use of his Unreal Tournament fun for 10 minutes. Here is some advice Kyle.... please take up Piano or Chess or fucking Tesax Hold'em. You need a NEW hobby as you obviously suck at the internet.

Now for the FAQ.

Q. What do you guys think of Kyle Borden?
A. See above.

Q. What do you guys think of Kyles petition?
A. Its gives us joy and laughter. We even use some of the quotes in our forums banner.

Q. Are you worried your gonna get taken down by Kyle?
A. If we are gonna be taken down. Its not going to be from a assclown like Kyle.

Q. Is this Kyle guy for real?
A. Apparently so.. and he is one of the many morons that caused us to be here in the first place.

Q. Is this Kyle a guy a real person or is it a g00n member trying to get traffic?
A. Sadly he is a REAL person. Albeit a moronic one... Not even we could manufacture such stupidity.

We hope this answered your questions.

   New Recording/pictures Up!
by nex on 15 Mar 2006
This is a long recording (~15 Minutes), but it is well worth it. This kid starts crying and begging. Too good to miss.

Click Here to Listen

And if you wanna call this kid yourself, here is his phone number: 1 641 424 4055

Check out the Hall Of Owned for more recordings.

Also, make sure you check out our tagging section, let's just say it has a lot more pics thanks to our own mayo.

If you wanna send us tagging section pics, either post them on the forums, or email nex/spic.


   We bid farewell to [ill]will...
by spic on 14 Mar 2006
Excerpt from

See Ya in 2...
03.14.06 (12:01 am) illwill

so today i begin my sentence for that microsoft bullshit case i had i will turning myself in to Fort Devens,Mass. I've handed over the reigns of the site to pingywon and morning_wood and they will be updating the site as much as possible i also want to thank the g00ns (z3r0,spic) for helping out with the hosting of the site while im gone, also the site :: is up and running and pingywon will be updating the content as far as where to write me etc... also has links to paypal and the illmob cafepress store where you can donate funds or buy some illmob gear if you want something in return :) , im not positive but i think my mailing address will be :
William P Genovese
P.O. BOX 879
DEVENS, MA 01434
so thanks everyone for a good 4 year run on illmob with all the 0day exploits and celebrity hacking fun hopefully ill be back before you know it
Quits:[ill]will ( (Ping timeout)
For anyone who'd like to help illwill please visit

   McAfee Update Breaks Hundreds Of Apps
by spic on 14 Mar 2006
For over five hours Friday, McAfee's anti-virus software erroneously flagged hundreds of legitimate executables as a malicious virus, leading some customers to quarantine or delete the offending files and render applications such as Microsoft Excel inoperative.

An error in McAfee's daily virus definition file (dubbed "DAT") identified the files as W95/CTX, a virus first discovered in 2004. All editions of McAfee's on-demand-scanning products, including both the enterprise and consumer versions of VirusScan, were affected.

Among the legitimate files painted as malware were Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet, Adobe's Flash, the Google Toolbar installer, several Adaptec drivers, and parts of Sun Microsystems' Java Runtime Environment. The list that McAfee posted of the affected files numbers more than 330, but even so, the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center called it incomplete.

"It doesn't include any of the Oracle binaries that have been reported to be affected by some of our readers," one of the Storm Center's analysts wrote on the site Sunday.
Depending on how users had configured VirusScan, the harmless files were either quarantined to a special folder or deleted. In either case, applications were broken as files were moved or erased from hard drives.

The flawed DAT went out at 10:35 a.m. PST Friday, said Joe Telafici, director of operations at McAfee's AVERT Labs. "About two hours later, we started getting reports of large numbers of files identified as W95/CTX," he said.
McAfee pushed out a corrected DAT a couple hours after that, at 3:28 p.m. PST.
By then, however, it was too late for some McAfee users.

Customers flooded the company's message forums with questions and tales of broken applications. "I tried to open Excel, and it tries to install itself again, then fails," wrote a poster identified only as "Waterlily." "I need to use Excel, what should I do?"
"So what do you do if instead of quarantining those files, you deleted them?" asked "Bethany." "I bet I'm just screwed."

Quarantined files could be restored, said Telafici, once the corrected DAT was downloaded and installed, but deleted files were another matter. On its Web site, McAfee recommended going to a backup or using Windows XP's System Restore feature to roll back the machine to a point before the flawed DAT.

"We're still looking at what we can do for customers," said Telafici. He wouldn't quantify how many users might have deleted files, and only said that McAfee was working with "some."
However, McAfee has come up with tools to move quarantined files on enterprise machines back to their proper places. The tools have not been posted to its Web site, but will instead be provided to business users through offline support channels.
Such "false positives" are much more common in spam than in virus detection, but they occasionally happen, Telafici said.

"But I've never seen anything on this scale," he admitted.
"False positives are actually very common," added Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst at Michigan-based IT-Harvest. "They're particularly common for programs that aren't widely distributed, like some game."

Most of the time the mistaken identity occurs when a security researcher finds a malicious file and tags its filename as belonging to a virus or worm, but doesn't realize that the same filename has been used by a legitimate program.
This should have been caught by McAfee's quality control process, Stiennon said, noting that many of the files netted by VirusScan were commonly-known executables.
McAfee's Telafici acknowledged as much.
"This was a combination of unusual circumstances, Telafici said in explaining what happened. "There was one byte off in a signature, and there was a hole in our testing process."

   Common Misconception Regarding Joining g00ns
by nex on 06 Mar 2006
It appears that some people need a few tips when it comes to how they should go about joining g00ns. First of all, g00ns is a small group. We hope to grow in time but most we only let people in that we like. If you want us to notice you and let you in, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

We communicate over three mediums. These three are Teamspeak (Voice Chat), IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and our forums. For someone to be considered for membership, you must use all three. So before you make a post about “Joining” on our forums, make sure you hang out for a while so we know who the hell you are. And before you post that application, make sure you read the STICKY on the Join Board.

The next common misconception is that we give 2 shits about your HTML coding skills, or the fact that you can write “hello world” in C++. Cocky attitude gets you nowhere in g00ns. You have got to know what you are doing, be funny/entertaining (not a douche bag), and we have to know and like you.

Now comes the requirements for our members…

We expect everyone to donate minimum of $5.00 a month via PayPal ONLY. So if you do not and are not going to get PayPal, or have no money, don’t waste our time or precious database space.

Pre Membership Requirements:
1. Must be a minimum of 16. (Depends on level of maturity)
2. Must have a Microphone and working copy of Teamspeak
3. Must have a working copy of Linux installed somewhere
4. Must have a desire to learn new things.
5. Must have a basic understanding of how computers work. (If you barely know how to turn on your machine then stop right here and get the fuck out)
6. You must hang out in our TS and IRC for a while (a "while" is a period of time that is determined by the active members)
7.Must have a IRC client of some kind. (Being in IRC is Mandatory)

That comes straight from our forums, and 70% of people who post, don’t read it.

Once you do become a member, you must be active, and you must rage. We don’t need worthless people.

P.S. g00ns isn’t school, if you want to learn shit, read.

Once again, before you make a thread, READ THE STICKY.


   Few Hall of owned updates
by nex on 06 Mar 2006
There are a few new recordings on the Hall of Owned. We'll be adding a few more in the next couple of days.

Newest one: Click Here